Baja Seas



  • State of the art Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) with at least 50% energy savings
  • Indoor bio-security controls both at the hatchery and grow out center
  • Environmentally designed building specifications keep the loss of temperature to a minimum. (Whole building is insulated)
  • Pristine water quality pumping facilities with minimum distance & height to Hatchery
  • Water discharge is returned filtered and naturally treated with higher quality than originally pumped water
  • We do not use antibiotics, hormones or artificial enhancements
Baja Seas Hiramasa Baja Seas Hiramasa


  • Efficient feed strategies and use of technology such as blowers and camera equipment to avoid over feeding.
  • High quality feeds from responsible providers assure that the FIFO (Fish in Fish Out) ratio is in balance with availability and care for the environment.
  • Escape prevention program based on an ongoing supervision of the state of the art grow-out cage materials and installations
  • Disease prevention program based on Health Surveillance protocols, designed and supervised by World-renowned Veterinaries and pathologists.
  • Periodic net cleaning procedures with high tech water jet Systems and no antifouling contaminants.
  • Our geographic locations ensures delivery a very low transport CO2 footprint
  • Ikijime killing method guarantees animal welfare and